The DealRoom is a platform where large cryptocurrency transactions are held
Transaction from one wallet to another

The Deal Room is a platform where you can carry out large cryptocurrency OTC transactions wherever you are with total convenience. The transactions range from $5,000 to $2million with BTC and USDT.

You can transact using the deal room from the following countries:

Kenya                      Uganda                  South Africa

Tanzania                  Ghana                    Dubai

Nigeria                     Burundi

D. R. Congo             Ivory coast 

It is super easy ...

  • Get in touch via our official WhatsApp or the website contact form . 

  • Request for a deal room 

  • Discuss with our crypto dealer who will give you the day’s rates and transaction procedure. 

  • All payments and transfers shall be carried out within the official MUDA channels.

Reach out to the deal room team today at +256709013034 or fill the contact form below for the best crypto rates across multiple currency pairs. 

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